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-2 I See You,Can You See Me, Watching You Loving It-

[21 Jan 2013|12:47pm]
I have never met anyone in my life so evil as Stephen. Ive met people who had the devil in them but this dude is literally the devil. I dont understand what happened to him to make him so mean. Not that I care but I am curious to know. Yesterday I texted him wanting his moms number and he snapped calling me all kinds of bitches. I wasn't offended at all, even when he called my mom a bitch because honestly this dude is the true definition of a non factor. I wont lie, I entertained his foolishness and I enjoyed it. I told him he would never be shit, he was a bum triflin ass nigga who needed some penicillin for the std outbreak on his face, and hes nothing but a disappointment to the human race...especially his mom. I almost told him his mom shouldve swallowed him, but his mom is cool with me and I would never disrespect her like that. I dont even know why he just wont admit he broke into my moms house. This dude told on himself. For that moment I reverted back to the old me because I have dealt with his evilness for so long. Up until yesterday, I was always nice to him even when he was being mean to me. Yesterday I had enough I guess. I wasn't mad at all when he was calling me those names, I was just tired of him being mean to me.

I need to ask God for forgiveness and to be honest hes the only one I want forgiveness from. I dont care about receiving forgiveness from Stephen.

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